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Nanjiao Hotel Shanghai is the first five-star international hotel in Fengxian District Shanghai. It is located in Nanqiao New City,  Fengxian and nears the South bridge exit of Fengjin Highway(S4) by car about 2 min. Transportation here is very convenient. Hotel covers an area of over 50, 000 sq.m Featuring the Spanish architectural glory and beauty. [View Detail]         

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  • d00744021
    Environment is beauty,good for photoing!
  • bonnie0612
    A very good environment
  • turtur
    Environment is beauty,good for photoing!
  • fulei
    Good service is good, but the breakfast!
  • bluela
    South Bridge is OK, display some characteristics
  • amieleung
    Very bad!
  • dgdsa
    To help foreign guests booking, every time foreign guests would stay here, very nice hotel, guest satisfaction is also cheap, nice, quiet
  • MrCaven
    European style, guest satisfaction, what services are good.
  • jyviolet
    Family weekend stayed here many times, very good!
  • c79713
    As a friend, very good
  • dogeatdog
    Breakfast is very good,
  • edwardwon
    Quiet hotel, nice, next time will come
  • landa88
    Hotel service is better, but the rooms look old, TV is too small, there's nothing to see around. pool heard good but forget to. Hotel buffet 108 really didn't feature suggested that improving grades, prices can be ... the next day to a nearby Bay Forest Park, is not near.
    Room, breakfast, holidays and some expensive
  • SmartLyric
    Refuse to send, service slow
  • YangRL
    Comfort, good environment?
  • Albert
    Nice, quiet, new facilities, service was good, breakfast very rich, it is a bit isolated, traffic is not easy, there is no place to eat.
  • basov
    Environment is beauty,good for photoing!
  • evenbear
    Very good, very quiet, pool very few people, breakfast variety and taste good.
  • alantancn
    HA HA HA HA HA it is OK
  • jerlgood
    Hotel clean, facilities good. the staff is also very good, and is the location of the point, no restaurant and surrounding commercial facilities
  • Nina728
    Holiday decoration, the Hotel looks pretty good.
  • goldenbomber
    Restaurant of the hotel is very good, taste good! and many varieties, prices are fair! just decorating the hotel is too old, rooms not very in place, for example, liquid body SOAP, shampoo!! whole is worth living
  • e04385618
    Hotel old and each local service is in place, particularly the second floor Japan cuisine is delicious, foreign guests raving!
  • supergy1208
    Leave this iiiiioo sad so sad this morning is too little cheer. What's this record;
  • Procrats
    The hotel is very clean, that is far away from downtown, travel inconvenient.
  • ying1977
    Satisfaction with five bosses are just fine
  • e03005513
    Samsung standard five-star premium ... ... Seasick
  • tasmina
    Hotel was very comfortable, the service is also very good ... breakfast was great too.
  • jj_mymail
    That's good
  • Jo.Wang
    With balcony, breakfast variety, ate raw oysters with my friends drinking wine, cozy
  • n_baobao
    At the swimming pool, but forgot to take a swim, do come again next time. great service is also available in place, worth again. around the Mall is convenient, pleasant holiday.
  • e00070418
    Stay at the hotel
  • ntrdnsw
    Is worth to a store, the waiter's high quality, home away from home feeling, hope the dining area can be further improved, including dishes and buffets!
  • jlyangjl
    Traffic convenient, away from Mall is near, in Hotel eat or out eat are can, select more. zhiqian see evaluation said no WiFi, now can to front desk take router of, deposit 200, check out Shi also. Chinese Office also has WiFi of, is trouble, to login about. pool also line, is no children Center of, suburb so big of place, actually is has place make a of. Notes mention of requirements, 2 between room to in with of, smoke-free, big bed room, also areContent. overall cost-effective, highly recommended.
  • Gary-Ye
    Very good hotel, convenient, but 9:00 over the indoor swimming pool.
  • bossrobo
    Good service good
  • alexsyj
    Regular rooms at the hotel, a very good environment, very comfortable!
  • e00152237
    Compared to the last, and the service level has been greatly improved
  • m02774467
    Very good nice
  • allyy
    General praise! 15 words, 15 words!
  • ananw
    Location, hotel very stylish, easy parking, good balcony, bed, breakfast was passable, pool diving area marked as 1 m, real 1.3 m, the children have a lot of influence, there is a lot of gravel on the bottom of the swimming pool, want to improve, bath towel for the swimming pool is relatively old.
  • lee_286
    Live very comfortable, breakfast very good, night evening post sent. When asked to be moved very quickly, not procrastination. feel good in General, room good value for money.
  • mousebaby
    Overall service staff throughout the hotel give the feeling of warm, initiative and enthusiasm! Front desk service; lunar new year staying, guest not is more, handle program smooth, has one female employees quite enthusiasm, in we waiting for of process in the active introduced has restaurant, around profile, should is foreman level above of employees. handle of handle whole process has asked will answer responsive, just I scheduled of luxury room in no asked I of premise Xia directly provides has I 2 between big bed room, later replacement5 room key just to do a day, the actual stay of 2 days, a little careful enough. Rooms; room great, health can, part furniture surface has from dust, standard between of 2 a bed is 4 feet big of, bathroom has bathtub also has shower, wash basin of sewer somewhat not unobstructed, 4321 and 4319 room are met with a problem, water not pass, toilet has odor turned out. rooms waiter quite enthusiasm, trouble of for we solution problem, also quite is responsible for, A small room 4321 waiter at my door and I checked the card and other information, staying in hotel property reasonably reassured that I had. Dining at noon the first day episode, but in coordination with the restaurant Selina, is made up of our little defect, there is no shirking, at the back of the dinner and breakfast for us to feel the hotel on the guest's attention, restaurant, Rebecca was also impressed by ourMoment, due to the high numbers of us, is taking the initiative in dining arrangements prior confirmation. buffet dinner great, taste and variety worthy of 100 for a price, but slightly inferior 88 is not refined enough for breakfast. Around; you drive 5 minutes to bailian Mall.
  • andywong727
    Room door some taste, due to Typhoon we early to has hotel, is was told to more pay half room, this compared exaggerated, so on first took has a between room (I set has 5 between) behind friends directly to front desk open room, front desk waiter also didn't said to more pay half room. visible is caught with that is which. Hall has many leaking of place. a floor restaurant also some asked to, may is huangmei days of relationship. breakfast also can, children paradise small has of. swimming pool is thermostat of this thanSatisfactory. However, many facilities are a bit old.
    In addition to the facility is a bit old, others are also good, get this price
  • paulblue
    Very good, comfortable and cost-effective commercial needs
  • bawangtu
    Hotel is great, the overall
  • carel
    More remote. overall facilities. but the price is still relatively expensive calculation. five-star prices, does not meet five-star standards.
  • Angela0107
    Facilities, location, breakfast restaurant a bit busy and package combination of strawberry picking is also good, open a shed yourself, and buy another 20/kg, good taste, very good