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Su ning also open wisdom hotel Is study ali or trend?

Date: 2018-12-27

On the phone to book and to the hotel in self-service handle brush "face in".The robot move back and forth;The elevator can automatically identify floor;Automatic open the door, and equipped with intelligent housekeeper.Without security, the front desk, even any staff.The similar scene from science fiction, in the past year has not only become a reality, this a "science fiction" wind blew up.

Became the most popular wisdom hotel, ali, the influx of tencent and other Internet giants, tear for traditional hotel industry is undoubtedly an incision, see more likely.

Suning incoming wisdom to emulate ali hotel

By nanjing suning built the first "future hotel is getting ready for the opening in a couple of days," by suning group, suning hotel, purchase, suning Su Ningyi home buyers, suning, suning financial, suning very multiple products such as cross-border integration, to create a "future hotel" black science and technology.

Customer only need through Su Ningyi buy APP or suning hotels &resorts officially WeChat public hotel reservation page, input id information for face recognition, can open the offline "brush face" experience.

During check-in, the face is the only id card, you eat, shopping, can brush a face.

It is not suggested earlier fire all over the headlines ali cloth thirsty fe hotel.

Based on scene full hotel guest identification, non-inductive ladder control, no touch door will automatically control for face recognition, intelligent light floor guest check in, automatically open the room door;With the help of a non-inductive body positioning control system, the guest to leave the room, waiting for the elevator will automatically response.

Ali and suning, opening time, after all, every other far, natural not who's who follow, is nothing more than, they found that the hotel and layout the wisdom of this project.

Wisdom hotel increasingly valued

Although digital technology requires a lot of capital spending, such investments are forward-looking, investment automation back-end operations could eventually help hotel more focus on providing quality service and personalized customer experience, not only can greatly help enterprises to maintain market relevance, at the same time to reduce market subversive factors brought about by the impact and threat, plays a vital role.

Plans for mobile applications, loyalty and automation of the investment, can provide seamless front-end experience, back-end business also benefit from new technology.Study found that the general fixed services 30-40% of the cost of the hotel operations;Robot perform housekeeping functions, in labor-intensive industries have the opportunity to save a lot of cost.

Technology and social media is becoming more and more important, hotel owners and operators are required to understand the value of digital, and accelerate the pace of in these areas, the opposite risk and Z from generation to generation and millennium traveler disconnect risk.

Wisdom in many hotels in the industry, the hotel is not just the hotel put several technology products to customers, and help enterprises solve the operating cost, solve the human resources, the purpose of this is the hotel do wisdom.Such as by big data operations, according to the hotel occupancy rate, indoor and outdoor temperature, intelligent control the temperature of the air conditioning room, in order to reduce energy consumption.Currently in hangzhou from the hotel occupancy rate 30% from overseas guests, the hotel operating experience of big data can know the guest's process, requirements, and according to the experience and needs to solve the guest check in every detail of the problems in the process.